A Mail-e is a hug to someone who matters, a message of hope when someone needs some encouragement.

When you send a Mail-e, you show personal appreciation, support or love for someone you really care about.

A Mail-e is the perfect gift for first responders, troops, teachers, mentors, doctors, nurses, and all of your heros.

Each Mail-E team member you send arrives with a special "Mail-E Tale", Their OWn Chapter in The Story of the adventurous, heroic, and selfless actions of our rescue crew!

A personalized Mail-E is the perfect Gift for Family and Friends You Care About. Tell them in your own words what they mean to you!


Meet Luke, the legendary founder of the Mail-e team. Luke and his team are incredibly skilled disaster relief operatives. As a seasoned leader, Luke travels the world using his years of experience to care for others and mentor relief workers in disaster areas. Luke is brave, kind, and most of all, wise. So if you want to tell someone just how special they are, send Luke. He always knows exactly what to say.


As the chef de cuisine for the inspiring Mail-e team, Maggie prepares delicious meals for relief workers helping disaster victims across the globe. Personally, she can’t think of anyone more deserving of a five star meal! Maggie (like her dishes) is bold, beautiful, and full of flavor. Send Maggie to anyone who needs a little spice in their life!


When the Mail-e team has a mission, Mitch is the mutt who gets them there! This lovable pooch is the Mail-e team transportation expert. Mitch has a knack for getting into – and out of – trouble. At a disaster site, that skill comes in handy. Mitch is fun-loving, fearless, and the perfect friend to send to someone traveling, or currently living far from home. Send Mitch as a reminder that no matter how many miles we travel, home is always within reach.