About Us

After September 11, 2001, no matter where we looked, we saw news specials, tributes, and vigils honoring the heroic people who risked, and in some cases gave, everything for their fellow man. It was as if the world got together to pay its respects and say, “Thanks” to all those first responders.

But what about every other day? The firefighters, paramedics, and other heroes at Ground Zero did what they do every day—their jobs. We thought, “It shouldn’t take a tragedy for us to show our appreciation for such amazing people.”

And then we had an epiphany: “What if a pocket sized stuffed animal could carry personalized messages of appreciation, inspiration, love and encouragement all over the world, to those who need it?”

When you send a Mail-e [link to store], you’re sending a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting message—it’s a powerful way to connect, a small act with big impact. Sending a Mail-e lets someone know exactly how much they mean to you.